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Preventive Health

Achieve better health for your future by focussing time and energy on preventive care.

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Preventive Health

One of the ways we can achieve better health is by focussing time and energy on preventive care, at all stages of life. We are enthusiastic about providing our patients with as much education and medical support as they need to optimise their health. This might mean looking at lifestyle issues such as diet and exercise, stress management and optimising weight, or addressing specific risks you may have due to your family or past medical history. 

Our GP’s can ensure you are taking part in appropriate cancer screening programmes and receiving all recommended vaccinations, as well as keeping an eye on your risk of developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease. 

Targeted health assessments are available for certain groups, including people aged 45-49 with chronic disease risk factors such as lifestyle risk factors, high blood pressure or cholesterol or family history of a chronic disease.

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