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Our physiotherapists can help patients improve movement control, stability, strength and mobility to all areas of the body. We excel at providing individually tailored treatment programs to optimise your health.

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The most common reason people find themselves at a physiotherapist is because of pain, which can arise from a large range of medical conditions or specific injuries and naturally people want to minimise this discomfort as much as possible. Physiotherapy can assist with pain reduction by utilising soft tissue mobilisation, taping or joint manipulation while restoring muscle strength during the various stages of an injury.

Decreased mobility is also a common complaint for many people and can occur for many reasons. It may be triggered by exercise, injury, lack of physical activity or even neurological issues. We can help improve your mobility in all these cases. The treatments may involve regular exercise or hands on treatment techniques to improve and maintain your mobility into the future.

Surgeries can be extremely costly procedures and sometimes people want to know if there are other options to treat their condition. Physiotherapy can assist people to avoid surgery through specific strengthening of the muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints around the site of pain making you stronger and avoiding the need for surgery.

In some cases, surgery is unavoidable or you may choose to opt the surgical pathway. If this is the case many surgeons recommend going through physiotherapy prior to your operation. This is to ensure the best possible outcomes for your surgery as well as decrease post-operative recovery times by being stronger before the operation.

Physiotherapy isn’t just for those with an injury. Many people throughout their life experience various pains and niggles and in a lot of cases they keep on coming back. The area most common for this can be the neck and lower back. A physiotherapist can work with you to identify the triggers for your pain and assist you with a plan to strengthen the area and preventive future flare ups.

As we get older our body changes and often conditions such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis develop. Physiotherapy can help these conditions as well.

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