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Medicinal Cannabis

An alternative treatment option for chronic conditions not responding to standard medications

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Medicinal Cannabis

We are very fortunate to have select GP’s who prescribe Medicinal Cannabis at MedCentres Robina. There are very strict guidelines for approval, but if you’d like a discussion around this option you are welcome to make an appointment!

What do you have to bring to your initial consultation?

You will need to bring:

  • a referral from your regular GP/Specialist,
  • a full medication history listing previous & current medications for your condition,
  • if you have a current Chronic Disease Management Plan (CDM) please bring this too.

How much do the consultations cost? 

The Initial Consultation is for approximately 30 minutes. The costs are kept updated on our online booking platform, it will be displayed once you select the consult type. If you have a current Australian Medicare Card you may be entitled to a rebate.

If you are a Gold Card DVA Cardholder, you can apply to DVA for full coverage of the consultations.

Why do you need a referral to see one of our Doctors?

Currently, the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing (DoHA) & Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) require it. The criteria to prescribe is very strict. Our Doctors need as much of your medical history as possible to provide to the TGA. A referral from your regular GP/Specialist informs them of your ongoing condition, previous medical history, what medications you have & are currently taking, any tests & procedures you have had – all valuable information that will be needed in order to process the request to the TGA.

Will you get the script at your initial consultation?

Most often, yes.

Sometimes the TGA will require other information. During your initial consult your Doctor will get as much of your medical information as possible. They will submit all appropriate documentation & wait for the approval if required.

Either way, once the TGA has approved the submission, your prescription can be written.

How much will the medication cost, and is it included in the Consultation Fee? 

No, it is not included in your Consultation Fee. Only the Pharmacy can provide and dispense this medication.

Where do you get your script from? 

There is a pharmacy conveniently located right next door! If, for some reason, the medication isn’t available immediately, the pharmacy will process your script and contact you when it is available for pick up.

How much will you get a week?

Every patient, condition & dosage is different. Your Doctor will explain the dosage with you in your consultation & advise you how much to use per day/week.

Are all conditions approved?

Every case is different.  The Doctor will advise you at the Initial Consult whether you would be a good candidate. Currently this medication is available for chronic conditions (lasting more than 3 months) & not responding to current and standard medications.

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