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Health Assessments

A longer, more comprehensive appointment with your GP and Nurse. Get the big picture of your health.

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Health Assessments

Health assessments provide the opportunity for your GP to undertake an in-depth assessment of your health. The assessment will cover medical, physical, psychological and social aspects of health.

A health assessment is a longer, more comprehensive appointment with your GP and Nurse. It’s really a chance to step back and look at the big picture of your health, usually because you’ve hit a certain age or are at higher risk of some medical conditions.  

A health assessment is an important opportunity to steer your health in a better direction. It helps to identify risks and take steps to reduce them. Sometimes it enables us to detect a medical condition in its early stages and gives us a chance to intervene to slow its progression or reduce its impact. 

Who is eligible for a health assessment?

You may be eligible for a health assessment if you:

  • Are aged 45-49 years and at risk of developing a chronic disease
  • Are aged 40-49 years and at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes
  • Are aged 75 years or older
  • Are living in a residential aged care facility
  • Have an intellectual disability
  • Are a refugee or humanitarian entrant
  • Are from an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background and are aged 15 or over

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