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Family Planning

Expert help for when you're planning a pregnancy to ensure your physical and psychological health is optimised.

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Family Planning

Our GP’s can help you with planning a pregnancy to ensure your physical and psychological health is optimised by a reproductive health check which may include

  • optimising any pre-existing medical conditions
  • managing medications and dosing
  • advice regarding substance use (such as tobacco and alcohol)
  • reviewing your immunisation status
  • dietary and supplement advice
  • advice on getting your body and mind ready for pregnancy
  • planning pregnancy (when to stop contraception, fertile window, confirming pregnancy)

Reproductive & Sexual Health

Sexual Health Services

Sexual contact is the main method of transmission for infectious illnesses that are sexually transmissible. They are a significant global public health problem since they are frequently asymptomatic and may raise the risk of other serious illnesses.

Our well- equipped facility enables our doctors to do testing, including diagnostic procedures using blood tests, urine tests, and body fluid sample tests, inside the clinic.

At our sexual health clinic, we offer a variety of services, including:

· General sexual health exams

· Tests for sexually transmitted infections (including chlamydia, gonorrhoea, trichomonas, hepatitis, syphilis, and genital herpes)

· Tests for HIV/AIDS

· Treatment/medication to cure chlamydia and other types of STIs.

· Certain types of preventative vaccinations, including Hepatitis B

· Pregnancy tests

· Safer sex and general sex education information

· Referrals for additional services

Reproductive Services

Possessing all the information makes conception easier. Before examining specific issues that may have an impact on your fertility, your doctor will first undertake a basic health examination. They will examine any drugs you are currently taking and ensure sure your pap smear is up to date.

Infertility has a wide range of causes for both men and women. Some, like abnormal anatomy and testicular blockage, are defects an individual is born with. Others, such endometriosis and the generation of anti-sperm antibodies, are acquired through time. Infertility is attributed to the female reproductive system in 40% of instances and to sperm factors in another 40% of cases. A third will include both male and female components. Identifying the issue is the first step in assisting you with conception.

Some common fertility issues for women include:

· Age

· Irregular periods that may be related to ovulation disorders

· Gynaecological conditions PCOS and endometriosis

· Fibroids

· Blocked fallopian tubes

· Sexually transmitted infections

· BMI and general health

If you have been trying to conceive for some time your Doctor will look for any signs of the health issues above, and may request some additional tests such as:

· Ovulation test

· Egg count (AMH) test

Full blood count to determine blood group.

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