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Paul Clarke is a Podiatrist specialising in the treatment and rehabilitation of pain in the foot, ankle and lower limb. Paul has worked in multidisciplinary clinical settings involving GP’s, Podiatric Surgeons, Vascular Surgeons & Specialists, Chronic disease specialists and Podiatrists who specialise in Biomechanics and orthoses manufacturing and modifications.

He is a graduate of the University of Newcastle, New South Wales in Bachelor of Podiatry.

Paul has a reputation for being particularly skilled and precise with a scalpel.

His professional clinical interests include but are not limited to:

  • Toe nail surgeries (both PNA/TNA with matrix phenolisation).
  • Toe and nail pathologies (Elongated nails, toe and nail deformity and fungal nail infections).
  • Achilles Tendinopathies (Trained in shockwave therapy).
  • Heel pain (Plantar fasciitis, fat pad atrophy, nerve entrapment, apophysitis and osteochondrosis).
  • Ankle pathologies (Sprains, nerve impingements and tarsal coalitions).
  • Forefoot pathologies (Forefoot deformities/pain, Morton’s neuroma, bursitis, bunions and arthritis).
  • Mid foot pathologies (Osteoarthritis and Tibial Post dysfunction/adult acquired flatfoot deformity) ·
  • Hip and lower back pain from mal foot alignment and tibial/femoral torsion.
  • Paediatrics (Wart debridement, developmental growth milestones, orthotics, general assessments and deformities of the lower limb).
  • Diabetic assessments and education · Biomechanics and orthoses manufacturing and modifications (Custom and off the shelf devices and biomechanical assessments)

Paul is a great asset to MedCentres Robina’s multidisciplinary clinical team. Renowned for his kind and warm nature, Paul tends to build great rapport with patients.

Portrait of Paul Clarke

Paul Clarke – Podiatrist